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As a precaution, we please ask our clients to be honest if you or someone in your home or business has been exhibiting signs of Covid-19 virus. This is necessary for the safety of our employees, their families and our fellow Texans.

Please stay safe and healthy from the Element Mechanical team


As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your customers and employees comfortable – and safe from North Texas temperature extremes. At Element Mechanical, we’ve been providing commercial heating and air conditioning services since 1995 and proudly serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and all of North Texas. Our goal is excellent service on every system at every type of business. Whether your current HVAC system needs maintenance or repairs or its time to have a new system designed for you, contact us now.

When you need a new HVAC system for your commercial property, we handle more than just simple installs. Our staff of HVAC experts can put together a custom air conditioning, heating and duct system for your business that will provide unmatched efficiency and excellent comfort for employees and customers.

When To Contact Element Mechanical

Obviously, it’s time to contact us when your HVAC system fails or seems to be failing. But there are times when contacting us quickly can save you money by preventing the need for costly advanced repairs or replacing your system before it has reached its maximum lifespan potential. Contact us when you notice:

Not enough warm or cool air. The problem could be as simple as a clogged air filter or low refrigerant. Maybe a thermocouple has malfunctioned. Contacting us right away means keeping everyone comfortable.

Unusual noises. Even the quietest HVAC system makes some noise, but when you notice a sound that hasn’t been present before, it’s time to call us at Element Mechanical. Hissing, for example, could be a sign of a refrigerant leak – and rattling could indicate a potentially deadly carbon monoxide leak.

Increased operating costs. When your commercial HVAC system starts costing you more to operate, it needs maintenance. A few simple steps could save the system and keep it functioning at peak efficiency for years to come.

Let Us Go To Work For You

At Element Mechanical, we’re commercial HVAC experts who can handle HVAC replacement, troubleshooting and repair for you and provide service agreements to help you keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Depend on us for the tools, the staff and the products to keep your commercial space comfortable for all who use it and safe for your products and equipment. We can meet every HVAC need while staying out of the way of your daily operations, letting you get on with your jobs while we do ours. Why not contact us today for quick, dependable service?