The sensible and intelligent choice for heater repair residents and commercial clients can depend on is Element Mechanical. When the temps outside fall and your old heating system can’t keep up or won’t function at all, it’s time to contact a company that’s been meeting customer heater repair needs in Rowlett and beyond since 1995. With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, we’re sure to do what’s right for you and your heater. Why not contact us now to get the ball rolling on your repair?

Those who don’t know a lot about the Dallas area may not understand just how important a fully functioning, energy-efficient heater is to people in this area. While North Texas is known for extreme temperatures, people don’t always understand that we have extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Some older HVAC systems are simply no longer up to the challenge of dealing with our always-fluctuating temperatures.


As a customer-centric repair company, our goal is to satisfy your every need in whatever ways are possible. This starts with a first layer of commitments to you that include the following:

Another part of being an intelligent customer-centric company is providing communication that’s as good as our service. We’ll explain what’s wrong, what we’d like to do about it and how much it will cost in clear language, always giving you the opportunity to ask questions or decline service.


Because we have years of experience in heater repair, we know what homeowners and commercial clients want and offer these additional commitments:

If it’s time for lasting heater repair homeowners like you deserve, it’s time to develop a relationship with Element Mechanical. For intelligent service that will make sense to you, call (972) 771-7522 or fill out our form now. It’s a smart decision that will help you achieve comfort once again.

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