Looking for heating and air service Rockwall people like you can trust? You’re very fortunate to have landed on our site rather than the site of a less experienced, less committed competitor. At Element Mechanical, we have more than two decades experience satisfying clients, and we look forward to satisfying you too. Why not contact us right away to get the ball rolling?

At Element, all work is done by certified expert technicians who strive to offer the very best value. And because we live in Texas ourselves, we know how critical efficient and properly functioning heating and air are to the enjoyment and use of your property.


HVAC service involves three distinct parts, and we’re proud to be experts in all three subsections of the heating and air service industry. They are:

Air Conditioning Installation Rockwall. A big part of avoiding future problems is getting your equipment installed right from the beginning. Our technicians are trained and certified to install all major brands, so improper installation in your Rockwall home or business is never an issue when you turn to us.

Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall. Even the best systems eventually wear out, so you need to choose an HVAC company like ours with a long history of using the best parts and doing the best job of repair. Just as important with repair work is that you choose a company like ours that comes quickly and gets the job done right every time.

Air Conditioning Service Rockwall. There’s more to maintenance than taking care of repairs. Good maintenance includes preventative steps to make sure the system operates at peak efficiency and that problems are solved quickly before they become major issues. This includes inspection and cleaning, filter repair and more. Why not let Element Mechanical handle your maintenance for you -- and take the hassle out of owning an HVAC system?


We’re industry-leading professionals who are easy to work with, but there’s one thing we never compromise about: quality. It’s possible to get a great system at a great price without compromising quality for affordability.

Why not choose the heating and air service Rockwall, TX citizens just like you have been depending on for two decades? Doing so is a great decision that will serve you well. And all you have to do to get started is call (972) 771-7522 or fill out our form online. You’ll be glad to have us working for and with you.