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Preventive Maintenance

At Element Mechanical, we have more than two decades experience working on residential and commercial HVAC system in North Texas. And one thing is certain: When a home’s heating and air conditioning system is carefully maintained, it lasts longer, works better and experiences fewer breakdowns. That’s why we’re big believers in HVAC maintenance contracts and offer them at competitive rates sure to fit your budget.

Because these service agreements provide benefits now and in the future, you can consider the low cost of an agreement a way to save for many years to come. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Maximum function in every season. When you have seasonal maintenance twice per year, it ensures that your home HVAC system is in peak condition no matter what you need from it.
  • Extended equipment life. Well-maintained equipment meets or exceeds its expected lifespan in most cases; poorly maintained equipment rarely does.
  • Lower utility costs. A properly maintained HVAC system functions at peak efficiency, saving you on utilities and helping to save the environment too.
  • Priority service when you need it. A service agreement means you join warranty customers and other priority customers at the front of the line. Service calls from the general public come second to you.
  • Discounted emergency service. Others pay more for emergency service than scheduled service calls, but our service contract customers get big discounts, even in emergencies.
And that’s not all. When you have a service contract in place with Element Mechanical, our regular checks to your system mean you’re always comfortable – because your heating and cooling system is always working at its best.

Peace Of Mind And So Much More

A service agreement is also valuable documentation if you sell your home. Potential buyers will be glad to see the record of service on the home’s HVAC system, proving you’ve taken good care of your system’s components. This documentation is also an indication that you’re a smart and careful homeowner and have taken good care of other systems in your home too.

Choose to sign a service agreement with us now and lock in today’s rate for up to 3 years, protecting you against inflation. Your satisfaction is, of course, guaranteed and you can cancel the contract at any time. We’ll refund the unused part of your payment if you do.

Most of all, a service agreement from Element Mechanical on your North Texas HVAC system gives you peace of mind that your HVAC system will work – and that you’ll know who to call for quick, dependable service if something should go wrong. Why not contact us now to learn more?

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