Affinity™ Series Gas Furnaces

Affinity™ Series gas furnaces come with advanced modulating burners and variable-speed blowers that can match your comfort level more precisely, plus the innovative ClimaTrak™ Comfort System to set furnace operation to suit your locale. Learn more about Affinity™ gas furnaces.

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YP9C Furnace
YPLC Furnace

LX Series Heat Gas Furnaces

LX Series furnaces fit your needs with select high efficiency models that reduce your utility bills and a compact 33-inch cabinet that easily fits in tight areas. Learn more about LX gas furnaces.

TM9M Furnace
TM9V Furnace
TM9T Furnace
TM9E Furnace
TM8V Furnace
TM8T Furnace
TM8X Furnace
TM9Y Furnace
TM8Y Furnace

Latitude™ Series Gas Furnaces

Count on the high efficiency of the Latitude™ Series models to reduce your utility bills. Plus, the compact 33-inch cabinet will fit into your home with room to spare. Learn more about Latitude™ gas furnaces.

TG9S Furnace
TG8S Furnace