At Element Mechanical, we understand that you need to stay comfortable in the heat and to keep warm during the Texas winter months.  We install quality equipment that will last you all through the long Texas summers, keeping you cool as can be and toasty during the winter.  We provide great work installed by skilled technicians that delivers a great value for your money.  Problems with your HVAC can be extremely expensive to repair, as well as inconvenient, which is why we focus on providing only the best quality of service and installation.

Air Conditioning Installation – This is one of the most important parts of any air conditioning service.  You have to evaluate the location, select the best equipment for the needs of the customer, and then install it according to code.  If this isn’t done properly, you really are taking a much larger risk that something will go wrong later.

Air Conditioning Repair –  When things do break down, you need to call a certified contractor to fix things and minimize the damage that can occur.  You also want to make sure that they repair your equipment using official parts covered by warrantee in case you have additional problems in the future.

Air Conditioning Service –  Sign up for the Preventive Maintenance for priority service schedule, savings on parts and labor and seasonal maintenance which is necessary to extend the life of your system.  If not, make sure to stay on top of this on your own.

Heater Installation – Preventing future problems with your heating equipment begins at installation.  This is why all of our technicians are certified and trained to install all of our equipment.  This minimizes the chance that you will experience equipment failure because of improper installation or handling later.

Heater Repair – After you make sure that all of your equipment was installed properly, you need to make sure that your heating provider is qualified to assist you in case you ever do need repair.  Parts do eventually wear out and break down, even if they were installed completely properly.  When you do need repair, make sure the people performing the work are able to do so quickly and easily.

Heater Maintenance – Lastly, you need to maintain your heating equipment through a regular program of inspection and replacement of parts like filters.  You can ask Element Mechanical to get you on a regular maintenance program, and we will take care of all these concerns for you, or you can try to keep track of things yourself.

Call Element Mechanical today for any of your air conditioning and heating needs.  Also make sure to ask about our affordable maintenance plans, it can be an important part of extending the life of your system.

Element Mechanical is a Certified York Air Conditioning Dealer, and you will find only the finest products and services for sale.  Call one of our sales people for to discuss your needs today!

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