Set Your Thermostat Right This Summer to Save on Utilities and AC Repair

Set Your Thermostat Right This Summer to Save on Utilities and AC Repair

When you want your home to stay comfortable and cool during even the hottest summer days, you may feel like you should set your thermostat very low. But that’s not necessarily the best approach. Setting your thermostat to 62 degrees when it’s 102 outside may seem sensible, but this can cause problems with your AC unit and lead to AC repair.

You simply shouldn’t run your AC unit full force all the time if you want to keep it running well.

You may find this hard to believe, but it’s often best for your unit to set it up a few degrees higher when the temperatures outside soar. This can help you save energy, reduce the strain on the electrical grid and prevent unnecessary AC repair needs.

Start By Cooling Yourself In Natural Ways

Rather than relying too much on your HVAC system, a costly mistake, start by trying these completely natural methods for staying cooler on the hottest days:

  • Wear clothes that fit loosely on you because tight clothing makes you feel hotter.
  • Drink plenty of cool liquids like water, tea and sports drinks (if you can tolerate the sugar).
  • Use those ceiling fans when in a room, although it doesn’t help to leave them running when you’re not in a room.
  • Keep the heat out by making sure your home is well-sealed and windows are covered.

Setting Your Thermostat Correctly

It can also help save money, save wear and tear on your AC system and prevent AC repair needs to adjust your thermostat upwards when out of the house and at night. Installing a learning or programmable thermostat also makes a lot of sense.

In many cases, around 75 degrees is a good setting for your thermostat. But you don’t need the setting this low when no one’s home – unless you have pets that are sensitive to the heat. Setting a thermostat below 75 could cause the AC unit to run constantly, placing a terrible burden on it. A system will eventually stop cooling run under these conditions.

Still, you should expect to be able to set your thermostat low enough so that you and everyone else in your home are cool and comfortable most of the time. But in the hottest part of the summer, it may not be possible to get it extremely cold in your home. That’s just how HVAC works.

If you’re unsure whether your AC unit is doing its job properly, you may need an AC repair. In any case, you need to consult with our HVAC professionals. When you contact us, we’ll help you set realistic expectations and get the most from your system so that you and every member of your family can be comfortable in your home.

AC units can be temperamental and can’t solve all the world’s problems for you, but we can make sure yours provides the highest level of service possible – and make sure you have the right size and type of system for your unique needs.

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